Raw materials for the textile industry

Offer of a multitude of continuous and discontinuous yarns and fibers.

A family company

Founded in 1967 in Lugano by Benito Danisi a person with a great heart who created a solid workplace that throughout the years created a big family

We serve you with care

After a purchase by our client several processes are initiated that we will follow up meticulously in order to satisfy him and ensure that the goods will arrive without any trouble.


Since many years the textile world is having a massive shift that is movings towards one direction: Sustainability.

For this reason we are committed to guarantee the highest standards of textile certifications.

Textile world

A world in costant evolution where innovation and sustainability are the protagonist.

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Founded in Lugano in 1967 by Mr. Benito Danisi, Filofibra bases its success on the solid roots in the commerce of raw materials for textile industry: Professionalism, flexibility and precision with over half a century of experience in the sector are the pillars of this family company. The passion and the research for a quality product and service are values passed along from father to sons and nephews, values that have permit the company to build up its repution reliant on accountabilty and fairness. With the consistent care towards the clients and their needs remain a strong collaboration for the maintenance of a healthy and lengty relationship, not on work aspect only but also on the human side.


Since many years we are collaborating with many partners to able to supply our clients with a vast choice of products, with a tailored and garantied costant stock supply